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Follow the link to download the data and the readme file. If you plan to use our data for journal publication, please contact Dr. Wei Wang at We will let you know if your plan conflicts with ours and if we should be offered coauthorship.  

1)  Micrometeorology, water temperature, and radiation and heat fluxes at Meiliangwan, Lake Taihu (2010-2011)

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Reference: Deng B, S Liu, W Xiao, W Wang, J Jin, X Lee (2013) Evaluation of the CLM4 lake model at a large and shallow freshwater lakeJournal of Hydrometeorology 14: 636-649. 

2) Methane and carbon dioxide concentration measurement in Nanjing (June 2, 2010-April 30, 2011)

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Reference: Shen S, D Yang,  W Xiao, S Liu, X Lee (2014) Constraining anthropogenic CH4 emission in Nanjing and the Yangtze River Delta, China using atmospheric CO2 and CH4 mixing ratiosAdvances in Atmospheric Sciences 31: 1343–1352.

3) Long-term microclimate, water temperature and radiation fluxes, Lake Taihu Eddy Flux Network (2010-May, 2018; with data gaps)

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MLW 2010MLW 2011MLW 2012MLW 2013MLW 2014MLW 2015; MLW 2016

DPK 2011DPK 2012DPK 2013DPK 2014DPK 2015; DPK 2016; DPK 2017; DPK 2018

BFG 2011-2012BFG 2013BFG 2014BFG 2015; BFG 2016; BFG 2017; BFG 2018

 XLS 2012-2013XLS 2014XLS 2015; XLS 2016; XLS 2017; XLS 2018

PTS 2013PTS 2014PTS 2015; PTS 2016; PTS 2017; PTS 2018


Lee X, S Liu, W Xiao, W Wang, Z Gao, C Cao, C Hu, Z Hu, S Shen, Y Wang, X Wen, Q Xiao, J Xu, J Yang, M Zhang (2014) The Taihu Eddy Flux Network: an observational program on energy, water, and greenhouse gas fluxes of a large freshwater lakeBulletin of American Meteorological Society 95: 1583-1594.

Wang W, W Xiao, C Cao, Z Gao, Z Hu, S Liu, S Shen, L Wang, Q Xiao, J Xu, D Yang, X Lee (2014) Temporal and spatial variations in radiation and energy balance across a large freshwater lake in ChinaJournal of Hydrology 511: 811-824.

4) Long-term microclimate, water temperature,  radiation fluxes and fluxes of sensible heat, water vapor and momentum, Lake Taihu Eddy Flux Network (2010-2018;  data gaps filled)

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5) Methane flux, carbon dioxide flux and supporting measurements at Meiliangwan, Lake Taihu (2012-2014)

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Reference: Xiao W, S Liu, H Li, Q Xiao, W Wang, Z Hu, C Hu, Y Gao, J Shen, X Zhao, M Zhang, X Lee (2014) A flux-gradient system for simultaneous measurement of the CH4, CO2 and H2O fluxes at a lake-air interfaceEnvironmental Science and Technology 48: 14490−14498. online supplement

6) Survey of lake and river stable water isotope data, lake water balance, Lake Taihu (2011-2014)

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Reference: Xiao W, X Wen, W Wang, Q Xiao, J Xu, C Cao, J Xu, C Hu, J Shen, S Liu, X Lee (2016) Spatial distribution and temporal variability of stable water isotopes in a large and shallow lakeIsotopes in Environmental & Health Studies52:443-454Online supplement

7) Carbon dioxide concentration and 13C measurement in Nanjing (2013-2015)

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Reference: Xu J, X Lee, W Xiao, C Cao, S Liu, X Wen, J Xu, Z Zhang, J Zhao (2017) Interpreting the 13C/12C ratio of carbon dioxide in an urban airshed in the Yangtze River Delta, ChinaAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17: 3385-3399. Online supplement

8) Diffusion methane flux in Lake Taihu (2011-2015)

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Reference: Xiao Q, M Zhang, Z Hu, Y Gao, C Hu, C Liu, S Liu, Z Zhang, J Zhao, W Xiao, X Lee (2017) Spatial variations of methane emission in a large shallow eutrophic lake in subtropical climateJournal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, 122, 1597-1614, doi: 10.1002/2017JG003805. Online supplement

9) CO2 flux in Lake Taihu (BFG, DPK, PTS, XLS, 2012-2016)

Data and readme file

10) Carbon dioxide and methane concentration in Wuxi (2012-2017)

Reference: Huang W, W Xiao, M Zhang, W Wang, J Xu, Y Hu, C Hu, S Liu, X Lee (2019) Anthropogenic CH4 Emissions in the Yangtze River Delta Based on a “Top-down” MethodAtmosphere, 10(4), 185; doi:10.3390/atmos10040185.

11) Methane concentration in Quanjiao, Anhui (2017.12-2018.12)