Center Weekly Video Conference


Cao, C , 曹畅 , "Measuring landscape albedo using unmanned vehicles (drones)" , August 2017
Wang, W , 王伟 , "Drivers of global lake evaporation in a future warmer world" , August 2017
Yang, C , 杨池 , "Light absorption of brown carbon organic components, their chemical structure and formation mechanism" , August 2017
Liang, J , 梁杰 , "Stable water isotopes in halophyte plants" , July 2017
Huang, Y , 黄耀 , "Response of Growth and Yield Formation of Rice and Wheat Crops to Gradual and Abrupt Increase in Atmospheric [CO2]" , July 2017
Xiao, K , "Evaporation from a temperate closed-basin lake and its impact on present, past, and future water level" , June 2017
Chen, M, Cao, C, Xu, J , 陈明健, 曹畅, 徐家平 , "Development of a drone system for land monitoring and photogrammetry" , June 2017