Funded Projects


Lecture Series on China’s Environment

Farmland Management for Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions in China


A Doctoral and Post-doctoral Training Program


Effect of Enhanced UV‐B Radiation and O3 Concentration on Carbon/Nitrogen Exchange betweenFarmland and Atmosphere

Continuous Measurement of Atmospheric CO2 and CH4 Fluxes to Aid Forecast of Algal Occurrence

A Modeling Investigation of the Canopy Foliage Water 18O Enrichment Processes and Mechanisms


Effects of Changes in Aerosol Loading and Cloudiness on Forest Ecosystem Net Carbon Uptake

The development of shallow lake land surface model and its coupling application


First experimental evaluation and improvement of the Craig-Gordon model for isotopic evaporation in field conditions over Lake Taihu



Source and seasonal variation of black carbon in precipitation in Nanjing, China

A Lagrangian stochastic model to predicting pollen dispersion in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

A LES modeling study of impact of aerosol radiation effect on the evolution of the smoggy boundary layer

Response of Lake Taihu evaporation to climate change

The decisive factor and control mechanism of interannual variations in Lake Taihu

Temporal and spatial pattern of methane flux and its control mechanism in Lake Taihu


Mitigation effect of cooling roof on urban heat island in China

Source and formation mechanism of carbonaceous aerosols during urban haze episodes: insights from carbon isotopes (14C and13C)