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Chen M 陈明健, Cao C 曹畅, Xu J 徐家平 "Development of a drone system for land monitoring and photogrammetry", June 2017

Pan C 番聪聪 "Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Drought in Summer Maize Season of Hebei Province and Its Effect on Yield", June 2017

Qi H 戚慧雯 "Impact of Entrainment on Ozone in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer", June 2017

Zhang X 张秀芳 "Methane bubble flux from small ponds measured using the inverted-funnel method in summer", May 2017

Bian H 卞航 "Characteristics of dissolved N2O concentrations and flux in the agricultural watershed of Jurong Reservoir", May 2017

Xie C 谢成玉 "Estimating evaporation in Taihu based on isotopic mass balance model", May 2017

Fan M 范美益 "Characteristics of Water Soluble Inorganic Ions in Fine Particulate Matter During Winter in Xuzhou", May 2017

Ren X 任侠 "Simulation studies for Lake Taihu effect on local meteorological environment", May 2017

Fu J 符靖茹 "The Characteristic of the Boundary Layer Heights in Landing Typhoon Utor and Mujigae", May 2017

Zhao J 赵佳玉 "Measuring methane emission from small water body with eddy covariance method", May 2017

Gao Y 高雅琦 "Variability of Evaporation from Lake Taihu and its Response to Climate Change", May 2017

Mao Y 毛洋洋 "Comparison of different radiation estimation models and their influence on APSIM model simulation results", April 2017

Chen X 陈欣昊 "Simulation and evaluation of haze day in Jiangsu Province based on WRF/CMAQ model", April 2017

Zhu S 朱珊娴 "The model study on d-excess in a temperate forest", April 2017

Tang T 汤天然 "Analysis on Chemical Characteristics of Wet Deposition in Four Seasons of JiangbeiNew District, Nanjing", April 2017

Zhang Y 张园园 "Study on the characteristic of water-soluble ion in PM2.5 of Nanjing based on on-line monitoring", April 2017

Zhang X 张雪 "Characteristics and Estimation Analysis of CO2 and CH4 Emission from Vehicle in Nanjing", April 2017

Bao M 鲍孟盈 "Study on the characteristics of carbonaceous aerosols in the industrial area in North Nanjing", April 2017

Chen J 陈静怡 "The effect of building on the observation of surrounding air temperature", April 2017

Wang K 王恪非 "Influence of PBL schemes on simulation of a heavy pollution episode in winter", March 2017

Li L 李立 "Enhanced simulating of latent heat flux in the Noah/single-layer urban canopy coupled model(SLUCM) from urban surfaces", March 2017

Guan Y 官雨洁 "The effect of urbanization level on airand surface temperature---A Case Study of Fuzhou and Zhangzhou", March 2017

Wei N 卫楠 "Modeling the effects of changes in diffuse radiation on light use efficiency in broad leaved Korean pine forest of Changbai Mountain", March 2017

Mu Q 穆清晨 "Pollution flashover accident atmospheric characteristics in Jiangsu province and preliminary assessment of its ability to predict", March 2017

Hu Y 胡勇博 "Stable Isotopes in Precipitation of Lake Taihu Basin and the Moisture Source", March 2017

Zhai X 翟雪飞 "The impacts of dust events on PM10 and PM2.5 pollution in Ningxia", March 2017

Xu Z 徐足飞 "Characteristics of the Carbonaceous components in PM2.5 in Northern Suburbs of Nanjing in Autumn", March 2017

Chang Y 常运华 "应用同位素技术量化机动车尾气的氨排放对城市大气氨的贡献", March 2017

Cao F 曹芳 "中性厌氧亚铁氧化耦合硝酸盐还原的稳定同位素研究及其意义", February 2017

Xiao W 肖薇 "景观尺度蒸散发组分拆分研究", January 2017

Zhang J 张嘉荣 "Progress report on thesis research: wind energy", January 2017

Yang Y 杨亦辰 "Variation of Water Temperature and the dominant thermal stratification and vertical mixing process involved in a large, shallow lake", January 2017



Liu X 刘晓研 "Biomass Burning Contribution to Haze Episode in Winter of Nanjing", December 2016

Zhang W 张雯淇 "Modification and study of methods measuring carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes in atmospheric aerosols", December 2016

Liu C 刘诚 "Impact of aerosol shortwave radiative effect on entrainment of the atmospheric boundary layer", December 2016

Zhang Z 张圳 "Update on doctoral dissertation research: Validation of lake temperature and flux models", December 2016

Zhao K 赵恺辉 "Source analyses of high ozone events in the lower troposphere of Hong Kong: tropospheric intrusion vs. biomass burning", December 2016 

Gao Y 高韵秋 "Work progress on CO2 flux at BFG, Lake Taihu", December 2016

Xiao Q 肖启涛 "N2O concentration and flux in Lake Taihu", November 2016

Xie Y 谢燕红 "A meta analysis of lake N2O flux data", November 2016

Chang Y 常运华 "从污染源排放到PM2.5直至政策评估的大气研究链条", November 2016

Jing S 荆思佳 "A Discussion on the Paper 'Modeling Agriculture in the Community Land Model' by Drewniak", November 2016

Guo L 郭良辰 "A Discussion on the Paper 'Effects of Urban Surfaces and White Roofs on Global and Regional Climate' by Mark", November 2016

Cheng D 程迪 "A discussion on the paper 'Bright is the new black—multi-year performance of high-albedo roofs in an urban climate' by Gaffin", October 2016 

Zhang L 张蕾 "A discussion on the paper 'A Vegetated Urban Canopy Model for Meteorological and Environmental Modelling' by Lee and Park", October 2016 

Guo Z 郭照冰 "Multiple Sulfur Isotope Study of Aerosol Samples and its implication", October 2016

Wang Y 王豫 "A discussion on the paper 'Contrasts between Urban and Rural Climate in CCSM4 CMIP5 Climate Change Scenarios' by Keith", October 2016 

Liu Q 刘强 "A discussion on the paper 'Evaporation from Lake Superior: 1.Physical controls and processes' by Peter", October 2016

Liu Z 刘子贺 "A discussion on the paper 'Atmospheric measurement techniques to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from cities' by Christen", October 2016

Zhang Y 张艳晴 "A discussion on the paper 'Citywide Impacts of Cool Roof and Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Deployment on Near-Surface Air Temperature and Cooling Energy Demand' by Salamanca", October 2016

Sun Y 孙永 "A discussion of 'Nucleation and growth of sub-3nm particles in the polluted urban atmosphere of a megacity in China' by Yu", September 2016

Zhai X 翟晓瑶 "My understanding of 'Size-resolved aerosol composition at an urban and a rural site in the Po Valley in summertime: implications for secondary aerosol formation' by Sandrini", September 2016

Lin X 林昕 "A discussion on the paper 'The "Parade Blue": effects of short-term emission control on aerosol chemistry' by Li Haiyan", September 2016

Qian Y 钱雨妃 "A discussion on the paper 'Identification and correction of spectral contamination in 2H/1H and 18O/16O measured in leaf, stem, and soil water' by Schultz", September 2016

Xie Y 谢燕红 "A discussion on the paper 'Global metaanalysis of the nonlinear response of soil nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions to fertilizer nitrogen' by Shcherbak", September 2016

Huang W 黄文晶 "A discussion on the paper 'CO2 and its correlation with CO at a rural site near Beijing: implications for combustion efficiency in China' by Wang", September 2016

Song W 宋文怀 "A discussion on the paper 'Carbon and oxygen isotope ratios of ecosystem respiration along an Oregon conifer transect: preliminary observations based on small-flask sampling' by Ehleringer and Cook", September 2016

Zhang X 张潇艳 "A discussion on the paper 'Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layers and Diurnal Cycles' by Holtslag",  September 2016

Zhang W 张雯淇 "A discussion on the paper 'The Tragedy of the Commons' by Garrett Hardin", September 2016

Zhang Z 张圳 "A discussion on the paper 'Strong inference' by Platt", August 2016

Liu X 刘晓研 "A discussion on book chapter 'Anomaly and the emergence of scientific discovery' by Kuhn", August 2016

Song X 宋欣 "Ecophysiological controls of oxygen isotope compositions of leaf water and tree-ring cellulose", August 2016

Wei Z 魏忠旺 "Transpiration accounts for two thirds of global terrestrial evaporation", August 2016

Zhang W 张雯淇 "Characteristics of carbon/nitrogen concentrations and isotopic ratios of aerosols in north suburban of Nanjing", July 2016

Tang T 汤天然 "Wet deposition and estimates of aerosol wet scavenging coefficient for the location in north suburb of Nanjing", July 2016

Zhao K 赵恺辉 "Impact of Stratospheric Intrusion on High Ozone in the Lower Troposphere over the Hong Kong Region", July 2016

Fu J 符靖茹 "Observed Air-sea Fluxes in Typhoon in the nearoffshore of the South China Sea", July 2016

Zhang Y 张园园 "Simultaneous online monitoring of inorganic compounds in aerosols and gases during spring in Nanjing Northern Suburb", July 2016

Mao Y 毛洋洋 "Radiation use different estimation models influence on the effect of the APSIM model", July 2016

Ren X 任侠 "Sensitivity of WRF model to landuse, with application to Taihu Lake and surrounding areas thermal environment", July 2016

Gao Y 高雅琦 "Simulation of surface energy fluxes and stratification of the BFG Site in Lake Taihu by three lake models", July 2016

Zhu S 朱珊娴 "The isotope composition of vapor and flux and the coupling of SW model and C-G model in a temperate forest", July 2016

Chen X 陈欣昊 "Simulation and evaluation of haze day in Jiangsu province based on WRF/CMAQ", July 2016

Liu X 刘晓研 "Research on a Continuous Air Pollution Event in January of 2015 in Downtown of Nanjing, China", June 2016

Zhang X 张雪 "Preliminary Analysis on Observation of CH4 and CO2 Emission from Urban Traffic", June 2016

Bao M 鲍孟盈 "Characteristics and sources of PM2.5 and carbonaceous components during a heavy haze episode in rural area of Suzhou, China", June 2016

Chen J 陈静怡 "A Simulation Analysis of the Effect of Building on Air Temperature Observation Environment", June 2016

Fu C "Relating atmospheric N2O concentration to agricultural emissions in the US Corn Belt in a meso-scale modeling framework", June 2016

Zhao X 赵晓松 "Carbon dioxide and energy fluxes over a large shallow lake in China", June 2016

Huang W 黄文晶 "Temporal variations  and  influencing factors of atmospheric CO2 concentration in Meiliang Bay of Lake Taihu", May 2016

Xie Y 谢燕红 "Characteristics of dissolved N2O concentrations in the Jurong Reservoir watershed", May 2016 

Wang T 汪天颖 "Indicators Establishment and Risk Assessment of Double-cropping Rice Flood Disaster in Hunan Province", May 2016

Liu S 刘姝岩 "Impact of Aerosol Radiation Effect on Surface Ozone during Heavy Haze Events", May 2016

Qi D 齐德莉 "Model analysis of human activities impacts on the local thermal environment under hot weather conditions", May 2016

Cheng X 程昕 "Application of E-ε turbulent kinetic energy closure thermodynamic process lake model in the East Taihu Lake", May 2016

Xiao Q 肖启涛 "An update on eddy-covariance methane flux measurement at Lake Taihu", May 2016

Huang X 黄笑颖 "Rice yield simulation in Nanjing with climate and diffuse radiation fraction change scenarios", April 2016

Yue K 越昆 "Effects of Aerosol Optical Depth on the Solar Radiation in the Yangtze Delta Region", April 2016

Zhao J 赵佳玉 "A discussion on the paper 'Large contribution to inland water CO2 and CH4 emissions from very small ponds' by Holgerson", April 2016

Yu Z 于洲 "Observation Studies on Atmospheric Pollutants in Hangzhou", April 2016

Hu N 胡凝 Zhao X 赵翔 "Update on street-level methane measurement and the mobile measurement platform", April 2016

Cao Z 曹正达 "Temporal-Spatial Variations and influencing factors of Transfer Coefficients of Momentum, Heat and Water Vapor in Lake Taihu", April 2016

Zhang Z 张圳 Cheng X 程昕 "Temporal dynamic of thermal diffusivity in water based on a k-ε model", April 2016

Gao Y 高韵秋 "Drivers of temporal variations of CO2 flux at a submerged macrophyte habitat in Lake Taihu", April 2016

Xu J 徐敬争 "Characteristics of Stable Isotopic Composition in Lake Taihu and Stable Isotopic Mass Conservation to calculate the Water Evaporation", April 2016

Pan C 番聪聪 "A discussion on the paper 'Dronghts in a warming climate: A global assessment of Standardized precipitation index (SPI) and Reconnaissance drought index (RDI)' by MAA Zarch", March 2016 

Bian H 卞航 "A discussion on the paper 'Managing nitrogen for sustainable develpoment' by Zhang", March 2016

Qi H 戚慧雯 "A discussion on the paper 'Radiative effects of aerosols on the evolution of the atmospheric boundary layer' by Hongbin Yu", March 2016

Guan Y 官雨洁 "A discussion on the paper 'Rainfall Modification by Major Urban Areas: Observations from Spaceborne Rain Radar on the TRMM Satellite' by Shepherd", March 2016

Hu C 胡诚 "Simulation of Tall Tower CO2 concentration using WRF-STILT Model", March 2016

Liu C 刘诚 "Testing of a Large Eddy Simulation model on tne NUIST super-computer", March 2016

Wang Y 王咏薇 "冷却屋顶对中国城市热岛的缓解效应研究", March 2016

Hu Z 胡正华 "农田土壤呼吸与N2O排放对增温和降水复合作用的响应", February 2016

Wang W 王伟 "An Energy Partitioning Perspective on Lake Evaporation Variations to Climate Change", January 2016

Cao F 曹芳 ''有机碳和黑碳颗粒物的湿沉降:组成、来源和清除'', January 2016



Huang W 黄文晶 "Temporal variations in atmospheric CO2 concentration in Meiliang Bay of Lake Taihu", December 2015

Xie Y 谢燕红 "Senior thesis proposal: Study on indirect N2O emissions within a rice paddy-dominated agricultural watershed", December 2015

Zhao X 赵翔 "Performance test of a mobile laboratory for air quality", December 2015

Cao F 曹芳 "Update on Clean Laboratory on Atmospheric Chemistry and Stable Isotope", December 2015

Wang M 王鸣 "Evaluation of VOCs emission inventory by ambient measurements", December 2015

Xia Y 夏永秋 "Indirect N2O emission of a rice paddy-dominated watershed", November 2015

YU H 余欢 "Initial steps of aerosol nucleation and growth: field observation in Nanjing and laboratory experiments", November 2015

Zhou C 周晨虹 "Estimating the agricultural fertilizer NH3 emission in China based on the bi-directional flux parameterization for air quality models", November 2015

Zhai X 翟雪飞 "A discussion of 'Urban adaptation can roll back warming of emerging megapolitan regions' by Georgescu", October 2015

Zhang J 张嘉荣 "A discussion on the paper 'WRF wind simulation and wind energy production estimates forced by different reanalyses: Comparision with observed data for Portugal' by Carvalho", October 2015

Wang K 王恪非 "A discussion on 'The effect of mesh resolution on convective boundary layer statistics and structures generated by large-eddy simulation' by Sullivan", October 2015

Mu Q 穆清晨 "A discussion on the paper 'The footprint of urban heat island effect in China' by Zhou", October 2015

Xu Z 徐足飞 "A discussion on the paper 'Primary and secondary organic carbon downwind of Mexico City' by Yu", October 2015

Li L 李立 "A discussion of 'Novel Aerosol/Gas Inlet for Aircraft-Based Measurements' by Dhaniyala", October 2015

Ge X 盖鑫磊 "Mass spectrometric analyses of the airborne fine particles in a megacity of Yangtze River delta (YRD), China", October 2015

Yang Y 杨亦辰 "A discussion on the paper 'Multi-scale sensible heat fluxes in the suburban environment from large-aperture scintillometry and eddy covariance' by Ward", October 2015

Fan M 范美益 "A discussion on the paper 'Spatial and temporal characterization of traffic emissions in urban microenvironments with a mobile laboratory' by Pirjola", October 2015

Hu Y 胡勇博 "A discussion on tne paper 'Vegetation induced changes in the stable isotope composition of near surface humidity' by Simonin", September 2015

Zhang X 张秀芳 "A discussion on the paper 'Fluxes of methane and carbon dioxide from a small productive lake to the atmosphere' by Casper", September 2015

Wei N 卫楠 "A discussion of 'Determination of area-averaged sensible heat fluxes with a large aperture scintillometer over a heterogeneous surface - Flevoland field experiment' by Meijninger", September 2015

Xie C 谢成玉 "A discussion on the paper 'Evidence of deuterium excess in water vapor as an indicator of ocean surface conditions' by Uemura”, September 2015 

Hu J 胡建林 ''Predicting and identifying concentrations and sources of ultrafine particulate matter in California for health effects studies'', September 2015

Mao Y 毛洋洋 ''Validation of five general solar radiation formulas in the North China Plain'', September 2015

Wang T 汪天颖 ''Research on flood level indicators of early rice in Hunan Province based on historical disaster information'', September 2015

Cao C 曹畅 ''Remote sensing with drones'', August 2015

Fu J 符靖茹 ''The air-sea heat flux exchange under the typhoon in the offshore of south China sea'', August 2015

Liu X 刘晓妍 ''Research on a continuous air pollution event in January of 2015 in Downtown of Nanjing, China'', August 2015

Bao M 鲍孟盈 ''Influence of meteorological conditions on air pollutants during an air pollution event in January 2015, Dongshan, China'', August 2015

Zhu S 朱珊娴 ''Deuterium excess of water pools and  fluxes in a deciduous forest in Canada'', August 2015

Zhao J 赵佳玉 ''Field test of a portable flux-gradient system for measuring methane emission from fish ponds'', August 2015

Zhang W 张雯淇 ''Variation of OC, EC during a haze process in winter, suburban of Nanjing'', August 2015

Zhang Y 张园园 ''Study on a continuous haze event in January 2015 in Pukou, Nanjing'', August 2015

Tang T 汤天然 ''Taihu observation of particulate matters: The analysis to the distribution of particulate matters between city and lake based on TaiHu Lake, China'', July 2015

Ren X 任侠 ''Effects of the interaction of local circulation on transfer and diffusion at Taihu Lake and surrounding area'', July 2015

Chen X 陈欣昊 '' The simulation and preliminary evaluation of Jiangsu air pollution by using WRF/CMAQ model in 2014 winter '', July 2015

Gao Y 高雅琦 '' Numerical simulations of the ice accretion process on transmission lines '', July 2015

Zhang X 张雪 ''Spatial and temporal variation of CH4 traffic emissions in Nanjing'', July 2015

Zhao K 赵恺辉 ''Progress report on stratosphere-troposphere exchange of O3 in southeast China'', July 2015

Zhang Z 张圳 ''Interannual variation of MODIS NDVI in Lake Taihu and its relation to climate in submerged macrophyte region'', July 2015

Chen J 陈静怡 ''Based on the city sub-domain scale model to study the meteorological environment of Xinjiekou district, Nanjing'', July 2015

Huang J 黄建平 ''Discussion on the special issue on 'Advances in Boundary-Layer/Air Pollution Meteorology' to be published by Advances in Meteorology'', July 2015

Zhao X 赵翔 ''Performance test of a mobile air quality and GHG measurement platform'', June 2015

Huang X 黄笑颖 ''Haze effects on crop growth and yield: results from the Yongfeng experimental farm'', June 2015

Yue Y 越昆 ''Comparing MERRA surface global solar radiation and diffuse radiation against field observations in Shanghai'', June 2015

Xiao Q 肖启涛 ''A discussion on the paper 'Diel cycle of lake-air CO2 flux from a shallow lake and the impact of waterside convection on the transfer velocity' by Podgrajsek'', June 2015

Zhang X 张雪 ''A discussion on the paper 'Estimates of CO2 traffic emissions from mobile concentration measurements' by Maness'', June 2015

Wang K 王恪非 ''The impact of planetary boundary layer parameterization schemes on surface meteorology field and air pollution concentration in WRF/CMAQ model'', June 2015

Liu S 刘姝岩 ''Impact of aerosols on surface ozone during a heavy haze event'', June 2015

Xu J 徐家平 ''Interpreting the 13C/12C ratio of carbon dioxide in an urban airshed after correction for humidity interferences'', May 2015

Hu C 胡诚 ''Simultaneous measurements of N2O and CO in urban air: calibration, data quality and preliminary interpretation'', May 2015

Zhou C 周晨虹 ''Estimating the agricultural fertilizer NH3 emission in China based on the bi-directional flux parameterization for air quality models'', May 2015

Zhang M 张弥 Xiao Q 肖启涛 Hu Z 胡正华 ''Temporal and spatial variations of CH4 emission in Lake Taihu measured with the transfer coefficient method'', May 2015

Liu D 柳笛 ''WRF-CHEM modeling of air quality in Nanjing'', May 2015

Xiao W 肖薇 ''Hydrogen and oxygen isotope compositions of lake water and evaporation'', April 2015

Xu J 徐敬争 ''Temporal and spatial distributions of HDO and H2O of water in Lake Taihu'', April 2015

Yu Z 于洲 ''Temporal and spatial distributions of urban heat island in Nanjing'', April 2015

Cao Z 曹正达 ''Transfer coefficients of momentum, heat and water vapor over Lake Taihu: dependence on wind speed and atmospheric stability'', April 2015

Cheng X 程昕 ''Thermal structure of a shallow lake with submersed macrophytes: a case study of Lake Taihu'', April 2015

Xiao Q 肖启涛 ''Methane flux at a submerged macrophyte habitat and relations to carbon dioxide flux'', April 2015

Cao C 曹畅 ''Attribution of urban heat island for cities in China'', March 3015

Zhang W 张雯淇 ''A discussion on the paper 'The composition and transport of organic carbon in rainfall: Insights from the natural (C-13 and C-14) isotopes of carbon' by Raymond'', March 2015

Tang T 汤天然 ''A discussion on the paper 'Mapping the vertical distribution of population and particulate air pollution in a near-highway urban neighborhood: Implications for exposure assessment' by Wu'', March 2015

Mao Y 毛洋洋 ''A discussion on the paper 'APSIM: A novel software system for model development, model testing and simulation in agricultural systems research' by McCown'', March 2015

Fu J 符靖茹 ''A discussion on the paper 'On the isotopic composition of leaf water in the non-steady state' by Farquhar'', March 2015

Li G 李刚 ''Haze effect on wheat and rice growth and yield: update on modeling and field experiment'', March 2015

Zhang M 张弥 ''太湖CH4通量的时空特征及其控制机制'', January 2015

Cao F 曹芳 ''南京市大气降水中含碳颗粒物组成及来源'', January 2015



Zhang Y 章炎麟 ''灰霾生消过程中有机分子与碳同位素组成及其源解析:以南京为例'', December 2014

Wang W 王伟 ''大型浅水湖泊蒸发环境控制机制的多时间尺度研究'', December 2014

Huang J 黄建平 ''A LES modeling study of impact of aerosol radiation effect on evaluation of the atmospheric boundary layer'', December 2014

Xu J 徐敬争 ''A discussion on the paper 'Stable isotope compositions of precipitation in China' by Liu'', November 2014

Huang X 黄笑颖 ''Simulating impacts of climate changes on rice yields'', November 2014

Gao Y 高韵秋 ''Estimating urban net CO2 flux using a box model'', November 2014

Hu C 胡诚 ''N2O and CO observations at a suburban site, Nanjing'', November 2014

Zhang Y 张园园 '' A discussion on the paper 'Reconciling the differences between top-down and bottom-up estimates of nitrous oxide emissions for the U.S.Corn Belt' by Griffis'', October 2014

Zhao K 赵恺辉 ''A discussion on the paper 'Large climate-induced changes in ultraviolet index and stratosphere-to-troposphere ozone flux' by Hegglin'', October 2014

Gao Y 高雅琦 ''A discussion on the paper 'First steps of a lake model intercomparison project: lakeMIP' by Stepanenko'', October 2014

Ren X 任侠 ''A discussion on the paper 'Aircraft  study of the impact of lake-breeze circulations on trace gases and particles during BAQS-Met 2007' by Hayden'', October 2014

Liang N 梁乃申 ''An automated chamber network for evaluation of carbon budget of Asian terrestrial ecosystems'', October 2014

Chen X 陈欣昊 ''A discussion on the paper 'Evaluation of nonlocal and local planetary boundary layer schemes in the WRF model' by Xie'', October 2014

Zhang X 张雪 ''A discussion on the paper 'Surface albedo in cities: case study in Sapporo and Tokyo, Japan' by Sugawara'', October 2014

Bao M 鲍孟盈 ''A discussion on the paper 'Black carbon aerosols over the Himalayas: direct and surface albedo forcing' by Nair'', October 2014

Zhu S 朱珊娴 ''A discussion on the paper 'Stable isotope mass balance of the Laurentian Great Lakes' by Jasechko'', October 2014

Zhang Z 张圳 ''A discussion on the paper 'Winter and spring warming result in delayed spring phenology on the Tibetan Plateau' by Yu'', September 2014

Zhao J 赵佳玉 ''A discussion on the paper 'Tunable diode laser measurements of methane fluxes from an irrigated rice paddy field in the Philippines' by Simpson'', September 2014

Liu X 刘晓妍 ''A discussion on the paper 'Particle Loss Calculator - a new software tool for the assessment of the performance of aerosol inlet systems' by von der Weiden'', September 2014

Chen J 陈静怡 ''A discussion on the paper 'Measurement and satistical modeling of the urban heat island of the city of Utrecht (the Netherlands)' by Brandsma'', September 2014

Cao F 曹芳 ''Reconstruction of anthropogenic and biogenic carbonaceous aerosols emissions from an Alpine ice core'', September 2014

Deng L 邓力琛 ''Seasonal, inter-annual and spatial variations in NDVI in Lake Taihu'', September 2014

Xiao Q 肖启涛 ''Eddy covariance measurement of CH4 flux at Lake Taihu'', August 2014

Xu J 徐家平 ''Partitioning of CO2 sources in Nanjing using δ13C tracer'', August 2014

Wang W 王伟 Xu J 徐家平 ''Update on the IRGASON project: results from the spring field campaign in Northwest China'', August 2014

Zhang Y 章炎麟 ''Radiocarbon-based source apportionment of atmospheric aerosols'', August 2014

Cao C 曹畅 ''Doctoral research design & a discussion on the paper 'Significant contributions of local background climate to urban heat island' by Zhao'', July 2014

Zhou C 周晨虹 ''Modeling study on the impacts of agricultural emissions on PM2.5 in YRD'', July 2014

Zhang M 张弥 ''Spatial variations of CH4 in surface air over Lake Taihu'', July 2014

Wu Y 吴杨周 ''Combined Effect of Diurnal Warming and Acid Rain on Soil Respiration and N2O Emission in Farmland'', July 2014

Wang S 王淑敏 ''Street level CO2 concentrations in the city of Nanjing: an update'', July 2014

Shen J 沈竞 ''Characteristics of evapotranspiration and its components in QYZ plantation: based on modified S-W model'', July 2014

Cui J 崔健 ''Temporal-spatial variations of visibility in Jiangsu and underlying mechanisms'', July 2014

Deng L 邓力琛 "Land use changes in the Yangtze River Delta", June 2014

Liu C 刘诚 "Optimization of VPRM with the measurements at a coniferous-evergreen forest site", June 2014

Qin H 覃海润 ''Lake-land circulations in the Taihu Catchment'', June 2014

Gao Y 高韵秋 ''Using the box model to constrain anthropogenic CO2 emission in the city of Nanjing'', June 2014

Yue K 越昆 ''Optical property of a plastic cover for simulating haze effects on crop yield'', June 2014

Huang X 黄笑颖 ''A discussion on the paper 'Uncertainty in simulating wheat yields under climate change' by S.Asseng'', June 2014

Xiao Q 肖启涛 ''Preliminary results on CH4 flux at a habitat of submerged vegetation in Lake Taihu'', June 2014

Hu C 胡诚 ''Refined comparison of pan evaporation, eddy covariance, and evaporation model for Lake Taihu'', May 2014

Song X 宋忻霞 ''Validation of surface vapor isotopic compositions from an atmospheric reanalysis model'', May 2014

Liu D 柳笛 ''Application of WRF/Chem-MADRID for real-time air quality forecasting over the Southeastern United States'', May 2014

Wang T 汪天颖 ''Analysis on the impact of aerosol optical depth on surface solar radiation in the Shanghai megacity, China'', May 2014

Wang W 王伟 ''Global lake evaporation: patterns and trends'', April 2014

Yue K 越昆 ''A discussion on the paper 'Response of a deciduous forest to the Mount Pinatubo eruption: enhanced photosynthesis' by Gu'', April 2014

Xu J 徐敬争 ''A discussion on the paper 'Climatic controls on water vapor deuterium excess in the marine boundary layer' by Steen-Larsen'', April 2014

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